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Marigold Mind Photo Studio 메리골드 마음 사진관

Marigold Mind Photo Studio 메리골드 마음 사진관

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Marigold Mind Photo Studio 메리골드 마음 사진관
“Change your life with a single photo”
The miracle of Korean novels! K-Literature’s first and highest record renewal.
Marigold series surpassing 300,000 copies sold!

★★★ The miracle of Korean novels, the first and highest export to Penguin Random House
★★★ 2023 No.1 Korean Novel
★★★ 2023 Book of the Year
★★★ More than 20 countries overseas export contracts in progress
★★★ 2023 No.1 E-book Novel

The Marigold Mind Laundry that shook the world is back as a sequel.
Greater emotion and deeper comfort. The magic of ‘Marigold’ comes more powerfully to the Mind Photo Studio.

With its publication, the ‘Marigold Series’, which is still receiving steady love by topping the bestseller list of Kyobo Bookstore, Yes24, Millie’s Library, and KakaoTalk Gift Book, comes to readers with a more delicate and thoughtful story. The story of ‘Marigold’, which has illuminated the status of Korean novels by receiving global attention, including Penguin Random House UK, while being listed as the book of the year 2023, the Ministry of Education’s selected book, and the youth’s recommended book, has expanded into a second volume thanks to the love of readers.
Author Yoon Jung-eun, who says, “Life is full of sorrow, but it is also life to find joy and comfort sorrow while living,” opened the door to a new story to give readers once again the flower language of Marigold, ‘Happiness that must come’. The author’s delicate gaze, which draws out sentences of understanding and encouragement that transcend generations and genders from stories that anyone can easily empathize with, softly soothes our tired daily lives again this time.
Meanwhile, artist Song Ji-hye, who is receiving a lot of love through collaborations with global brands, including the coloring book <Garden of Time>, participated in the cover illustration of the book. The cover illustration of this book, which has moved into the interior of the previous work <Marigold Mind Laundry>, offers readers the pleasure of falling into a dreamy imagination before opening the book, and after reading the book, it presents a magical experience where all the connections are finally connected.
The lives of the characters in the novel, which are immersed as if they were my own story, regardless of age, gender, and situation, sometimes surge and sometimes run cheerfully. As they follow the journey of change while looking at the photos of the future they want to see and the happiness of the past they had forgotten, a warm smile and touching emotion will surely come close. If your heart is particularly chilly under the blue sky, why not expect the warm petal hug that the magical moments of Marigold will give you?

! This book introduction is translated by machine translators and may contain mistranslations. For exact information, please refer to the publisher’s official introduction.
Author: 윤정은 Yoon Jeong-eun
Publisher: 북로망스 Book Romance (2024)
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