About Us


(n.) A way of living or a particular part of someone’s life. 



(n.) A particular way in which something is done, organized, or happens.


LIFE PATTERN KOREA (LPK) was established in 2019 to provide everything that people who want to know and experience the culture, knowledge, and ideas of Koreans. And at the beginning of our mission, we started providing books that had condensed life patterns of Korean.


Why LPK?

We find Korean learning materials that meet the level and needs of Korean language learners. We carefully select and introduce Korean literature and practical books so readers can feel Korea. And we have shipped tens of thousands of books safely from Seoul & Jakarta to readers in Southeast Asian countries. Because of this, we maintain the highest ratings and are trusted by many customers. Check LPK on Ecommerce Platforms



The LPK story


  • We opened the first store at Shopee 🇸🇬Singapore.
  • We opened the 2nd-4th at Shopee 🇲🇾Malaysia, Shopee 🇵🇭Philippines, and Shopee 🇮🇩Indonesia.
  • We established sales channels for Southeast Asian readers and started delivering packages within 5-15 days.


  • We started the Individual Order service first of the Shopee sellers. If customers are looking for books we don't have, we can get and ship the books out in 2-5 days.
  • We opened the fifth store at Shopee 🇹🇼Taiwan.


  • We established LIFE PATTERN INDONESIA (LPI), a branch office & warehouse in Tangerang, 🇮🇩Indonesia.
  • LPI opened the first store dedicated to sales in Indonesia at Shopee Indonesia and started the same-day and 2-4 days delivery across Indonesia.
  • We opened the sixth store at Shopee 🇹🇭Thailand.


  • LPI opened the second store at Tokopedia.
  • We opened our own store and started selling and shipping all over the world.