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Traditional Korean Tarot by BANA & 78-Card Deck 바나의 한국 타로 & 78장 카드

Traditional Korean Tarot by BANA & 78-Card Deck 바나의 한국 타로 & 78장 카드

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Traditional Korean Tarot by BANA & 78-Card Deck 바나의 한국 타로 & 78장 카드
I'm BANA, a writer who draws a Korean story.

As someone who was born and raised in Korea, some of my favorite things have always been Korean stories and traditions. The reason I started working on this project was because I realized that the desire to learn different life lessons through tarot cards has a lot of similarities with traditional Korean faith. Similar to tarot cards, there are symbols with much deeper meanings and intricate connotations that are deeply ingrained in Korean folk beliefs and traditions. I am deeply honored to share all these interesting Korean traditional fairy tales and legends I heard as a child via my tarot cards. I poured my heart and soul into the creation of these tarot cards, so I hope that everyone who receives them will feel that in turn as well.

Major Arcana

BANA's Korean-style tarot cards are based on Universal Weight Tarot. The symbols of the major cards contain life lessons revolving around human destiny. There are many stories that pray for peace, stability, happiness, and health sourced from various folk beliefs and legends from ancient Korea. I collected data over a long period of time and combined the two elements of tarot and Korean tradition to create a collected, worldwide view that encompasses the story of Korean and classical tarot.

Minor Arcana

The minor arcana is divided into four objects: Wands, Pentacles, Swords, and Cups. Each pack of cards symbolizes the power of nature's four elements. Since ancient times, Korea has looked at things based on the logic of all things rooted within the five elements of eum(yin) and yang.
When looking to the national flag of Korea, the Taegeukgi, it's circular shape in the center of the Korean flag represents the flow of (eum)yin and yang, and the squares on all sides symbolize the elements of nature. I added these elements within my card designs to create a similar symbol.
The East is usually considered as the most important position out of the four cardinal directions, connotating bravery, righteousness, courtesy, and wisdom. I wanted to connect these four virtues with four minor cards in order to promote learning of life's different lessons.

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Author: 바나 Bana
Publisher: 북레시피 BookRecipe (2024)
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