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The Girl in a Phone Booth (The Payphone Where the Last Thoughts Can Be Heard) 마지막 마음이 들리는 공중전화

The Girl in a Phone Booth (The Payphone Where the Last Thoughts Can Be Heard) 마지막 마음이 들리는 공중전화

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The Girl in a Phone Booth (The Payphone Where the Last Thoughts Can Be Heard) 마지막 마음이 들리는 공중전화
“This beautiful novel is a gift from God”
2023 Frankfurt Book Fair’s hot topic! Exported to three foreign countries before publication.

What if you could hear the last thoughts of those who have left this world? A psychological autopsy center where the saddest stories in the world gather. And a public telephone left alone nearby. A touching human fantasy unfolds there, comforting both the departed and the ones left behind.
<The Girl in a Phone Booth> is a work that has garnered much attention even before its official publication. Solely for its literary merit, it was considered a hot topic at the 2023 Frankfurt Book Fair and had already exported rights to Poland, Romania, and Turkey before publication. Also, it was first published as an e-book and received overwhelming praise from over 8,000 readers, ranking first in weekly best novels and fourth overall. “A beautiful and strange story that sublimates loss into mourning.” “Real healing, not clumsy healing! A novel that only those who have been hurt can write.” “I lived ignoring the feelings of being left behind, but I was comforted by the stories in the book before I knew it.” As the readers who read the work first said, the greatest value of this book is to convey sincere comfort, not forced comfort.
The suicide of a loved one leaves a huge wound, resentment, and guilt for the person left behind. Before mourning the loss of the deceased, questions like ‘Why on earth?’ or ‘How could they do that?’ linger in the mind. What these people need is a psychological autopsy. A psychological autopsy is an act of estimating the cause of suicide of the suicide victim, which is also the core motif of this novel. And ‘The Public Telephone Where the Last Thoughts Can Be Heard’ is a device in the novel that completes this psychological autopsy. There is no such public telephone in the world, but instead, we have this novel. Through this novel, which is like a gift from God, the resentment and guilt will turn into sorrow, and the wound will turn into comfort. A miraculous event will begin.

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Author: 이수연 Lee Su-yeon
Publisher: 클레이하우스 Clayhouse (2024)
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