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10-Minute Korean 하루 10분 한국어

10-Minute Korean 하루 10분 한국어

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10-Minute Korean 하루 10분 한국어
10-Minute Korean: Daily Conversation Practice For Beginners is designed to assist absolute beginners in studying Korean for 10 minutes a day. This book is perfect for busy learners who want to acquire basic Korean conversation skills. It requires 10 minutes of studying each day for 50 days, and you can practice through simple yet natural Korean conversations.
In this book, you will learn new words and grammar points through short dialogues. Additionally, you can practice applying key sentences introduced in the dialogues and translating them into English, so that you can start using these essential Korean expressions in actual conversations.
All dialogues have been recorded by native speakers and provided in various different ways: once at the natural speed of a native speaker, once at a slower pace so that you can repeat along, and twice more in a role-playing format. To enhance your learning experience, we've included real-life background sounds to make it feel like you're actually having a conversation.

! This book introduction is translated by machine translators and may contain mistranslations. For exact information, please refer to the publisher’s official introduction.
Author: 지나인
Publisher: 롱테일북스 Longtail Books (2023)
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