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Korean Slang Expressions 한국어 슬랭 표현집

Korean Slang Expressions 한국어 슬랭 표현집

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Korean Slang Expressions 한국어 슬랭 표현집
Have you ever heard a couple of people talking to each other in Korean and you can kind of understand what they are saying, but there are some things you just don’t get? Ever listened to a Korean drama dialogue only to become frustrated when you can’t find a certain term or phrase in your dictionary? More than likely, the words you were trying to find were slang expressions, and, unfortunately, no dictionary can help you understand them. However, the staff and teachers of TTMIK have come to your rescue with this book. Learn 60 slang expressions, the meanings, various forms of conjugation, common usages, and much more with “Korean Slang Expressions”!

“Korean Slang Expressions” has 60 expressions in total, and each expression has an explanation of its meaning, origin and how the expression sprung up, as well as its usages, example sentences, and sample dialogues. (Additionally, MP3 audio files can be downloaded at the website.) Also, witty illustrations depicting each expression have been added, unlike in the existing e-books. The illustrations are expected to help the learners more easily understand and remember the expressions.

Contents of the book:
- 60 Slang Expressions
- Explanations of meaning and origin
- Usages
- Example Sentences
- Sample Dialogues
Author: 지나인
Publisher: 롱테일북스 Longtail Books (2015)
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