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30 Lessons for Living 내가 알고 있는 걸 당신도 알게 된다면 (2022 Edition)

30 Lessons for Living 내가 알고 있는 걸 당신도 알게 된다면 (2022 Edition)

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30 Lessons for Living 내가 알고 있는 걸 당신도 알게 된다면 (2022 Edition)
More than one thousand extraordinary Americans share their stories and the wisdom they have gained on living, loving, and finding happiness.

After a chance encounter with an extraordinary ninety-year-old woman, renowned gerontologist Karl Pillemer began to wonder what older people know about life that the rest of us don't.

His quest led him to interview more than one thousand Americans over the age of sixty-five to seek their counsel on all the big issues- children, marriage, money, career, aging. Their moving stories and uncompromisingly honest answers often surprised him. And he found that he consistently heard advice that pointed to these thirty lessons for living. Here he weaves their personal recollections of difficulties overcome and lives well lived into a timeless book filled with the hard-won advice these older Americans wish someone had given them when they were young.

Like This I Believe, StoryCorps's Listening Is an Act of Love, and Tuesdays with Morrie, 30 Lessons for Living is a book to keep and to give. Offering clear advice toward a more fulfilling life, it is as useful as it is inspiring.
Author: Karl Pillemer, 박여진
Publisher: 토네이도 Tornado (2022)
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