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Legend 3-Minute Daily Korean 레전드 하루 3분 한국어

Legend 3-Minute Daily Korean 레전드 하루 3분 한국어

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Legend 3-Minute Daily Korean 레전드 하루 3분 한국어
Easily, Happily, and Simply from Today!
Starting Again with 3-Minute Daily Korean

# Speaking - Words and Expressions you must use!
Even with simple words and short expressions, you can communicate. Contains essential Korean words and expressions for various situations.
# Looking - Pictures to help you understand Korean!
Practice by looking at pictures that motivate conversation, then use what you’ve learned. Connecting with images will aid your learning.
# Watching - Three-minute video lectures!
The king of all learning is consistency. We hope your Korean learning will accelerate with a three-minute daily investment. Tina’s video lectures aim to bring fun to your Korean journey.

About This Book

1. Contextual Cartoons
From ordering at a café to travel and emergencies, you will learn words and conversation intuitively. Study easily and enjoy.

2. Romanization & Interpretation
In order to read Korean right away, standard Korean pronunciations are written in Roman characters. With the following system, you can practice both reading and speaking at the same time, directly from the page.

3. Practical Conversations & Culture Tips
Learning a language starts by understanding cultural differences. We will present the Korean language through its own unique living culture.

4. Video Lectures
Short video lectures of about 3 minutes will assist your language learning. Video lectures are provided free of charge on the Language Books' YouTube channel and blog.

5. Text and MP3 Transcriptions
Download full-book transcriptions in text or MP3 audio, recorded with correct pronunciation by a native Korean speaker. MP3 transcriptions of the video lectures are also available. Listen often and improve your Korean skills.
Author: 더 콜링 The Calling, Tina Kim
Publisher: 랭귀지북스 LanguageBooks (2022)
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