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The Ideas and Techniques of Choux Cream 슈크림의 아이디어와 기술

The Ideas and Techniques of Choux Cream 슈크림의 아이디어와 기술

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The Ideas and Techniques of Choux Cream 슈크림의 아이디어와 기술
The secret recipes of 10 famous choux cream bakeries in Tokyo, Japan!

Patisserie du Chef FUJIU - Place cookie dough on top to add crisp texture.
Avril de Bergue - Add almond powder and accent on the texture.
Sucre-rie - Put sesame seeds in a fryer, squeeze them onto the dough and bake them.
Arcachon - Add a crunchy texture with caramel on the surface.
Patisserie Yu Sasage - Caramelized granulated sugar adds a crispy texture.
EN VEDETTE - Place the macaron dough on top and make it crisp and savory.
PATISSIER SHIMA - Plenty of Kreme Diplomat mixed with thick Kreme Patissier and whipped cream.
Ryoura - Think of the flavor first, and choose the dough or the material to combine.
Patisserie YaYa - Squeeze the dough directly into a lightly oiled oven pan.
100 spoons TACHIKAWA - If you make the dough without sugar, the range of applications is much wider.

A choux cream guide that thoroughly digs into the charms of choux snacks. This book contains know-how and techniques from the basics of choux cream to recipe ideas and application techniques. It introduces basic knowledge and application of choux snacks dough, unique techniques, understanding choux snacks, and the footsteps of choux cream.
Author: 후지우 요시하루, 임지인
Publisher: 그린쿡 Greencook (2022)
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