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Business Korean 성공하는 비즈니스 한국어 Vol. 2

Business Korean 성공하는 비즈니스 한국어 Vol. 2

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Business Korean 성공하는 비즈니스 한국어 Vol. 2
This textbook contains topics related to internal or external company situations, targeting learners with advanced Korean language skills who have completed the general Korean intermediate course.

This textbook is developed for foreigners who are preparing to get a job in a Korean company or who are working related to a Korean company. It consists of 16 lessons, including key patterns useful in daily life, business expressions often used in business situations, conversation practice by the business situation, the practice of essential grammar, speaking practice by the business situation, the reading practice of business tips, and email writing practice. In addition, it includes intercultural tips to help you successfully do business related to Korea.

1. Textbook centered on the business conversation by the situation
2. Composed of essential vocabulary and expressions
3. Practice of essential grammar at the intermediate-advanced level
4. Composed of various practice activities to improve listening-reading-speaking-writing skills
5. Includes content on Korean business interculture

! This book introduction is translated by machine translators and may contain mistranslations. For exact information, please refer to the publisher’s official introduction.
Author: Carrot Language Lab
Publisher: 캐럿하우스 Carrot House (2018)
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