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Korean Made Easy for Beginners 2nd Edition

Korean Made Easy for Beginners 2nd Edition

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Korean Made Easy for Beginners 2nd Edition
Korean Made Easy for Beginners 2nd Edition is the revised version of the best-seller, Korean Made Easy for Beginners. It is made for self-study using a simple conversational method to teach you everything that you need to start speaking and understanding Korean. The book is designed to be completed in a short time and simple enough for everyone with no background in Korean.

1. Fun and easy
- Easy explanations on Korean designed after the origin of Hangeul.
- Essential grammar taught simply and directly through visual presentations.
- Extensive use of pictures and tables for clear understanding.
- MP3 files of professional voice actors and comprehensive explanations help you master Korean pronunciation.

2. Practical
- 20 lessons on practical, everyday topics
- Additional vocabulary and practical expressions of everyday life are presented with lively illustrations
- Listening and reading exercises designed after Korean Language Proficiency Test (KLPT)
- Fun explanations on unique Korean culture

3. MP3 files
- 40 lively dialogues and 20 essential pronunciation points, Additional Vocabulary, and Useful Phrases
- 20 listening exercises
- 40 Key Phrases of Key Phrase Book

4. Key Phrase Book
- 40 practical phrases for everyday usage
Author: Seung-eun Oh
Publisher: ๋‹ค๋ฝ์› Darakwon (2021)
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