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Accidentally Wes Anderson 우연히, 웨스 앤더슨

Accidentally Wes Anderson 우연히, 웨스 앤더슨

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Accidentally Wes Anderson 우연히, 웨스 앤더슨
Join us on an adventure to discover the most interesting and idiosyncratic places on Earth, inspired by the unique vision of director Wes Anderson.
Accidentally Wes Anderson began as a personal travel bucket list, a catalog of visually striking and historically unique destinations that capture the imagined worlds of Wes Anderson.

Now, inspired by a community of more than one million Adventurers, Accidentally Wes Anderson tells the stories behind more than 200 of the most beautiful, idiosyncratic, and interesting places on Earth. This book, authorized by Wes Anderson himself, travels to every continent and into your own backyard to identify quirky landmarks and undiscovered gems: places you may have passed by, some you always wanted to explore, and many you never knew existed.

Fueled by a vision for distinctive design, stunning photography, and unexpected narratives, Accidentally Wes Anderson is a passport to inspiration and adventure. Perfect for modern travelers and fans of Wes Anderson's distinctive aesthetic, this is an invitation to look at your world through a different lens.
Author: Wally Koval, 김희진
Publisher: 웅진지식하우스 Woongjin (2021)
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